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Following on from its success in 2018, our friends and local wellness studio Chew Valley Wellbeing will once again be curating the Yoga Shala.

Offering a range of wellbeing sessions to nurture mind, body and soul, the Yoga Shala will kick off on Friday evening with a destress and reset yoga and meditation session. The weekend program will include laughter yoga, kid’s yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki share tasters, a Kinesiology demonstration, as well as a full range of yoga from gentle and meditative to strong and energising.

No need to book (except Reiki share sessions) – just turn up at the allotted times, you may wish to bring a mat as it was super busy last year.  For the Reiki there will be a clipboard at the venue where you can add your name and number to register, as there are limited spaces for this experience.


7pm – Yoga & mini meditation to destress & unwind (45 mins) – Abi

Leave the worries of the world on the outside and step into your Valleyfest weekend with a clear mind and glowing energy in this gentle yoga flow and refreshing meditation.


9am – Energising Yoga Flow (45 mins) – Abi

Set yourself up for a day of fun, with a virtuous energising yoga flow. This will leave you feeling awake and ready for the day ahead (and another excuse to indulge in that refreshing pint of Somerset’s finest.)

10am – Family Yoga (45 mins) – Emma

Yoga fun for the whole family to get creative and play together. No matter your age, come and join in, fun guaranteed.

11.00am – The Bear’s Den (1 hour) – Florence

1pm – Reiki share (75 mins) – Lucy

Join us for a Reiki share in which a small group will work together to channel the power of universal energy to rebalance mind and recharge the body.

3pm – Kids Yoga (30 mins) – Abi

Working with the theme of animals and nature, this workshop is for children from aged 4 upwards, encouraging the use of imagination to create shapes with our bodies and fun stories. Mum / Dad / Granny / Grandad / Carer welcome to join in.

3.45pm – Balancing Yoga Flow – Jenny

Time to get ready before the evening session begins. Come and balance yourself in this yoga session both literally and figuratively.

4.45pm – Kinesiology Demonstration – Joanne / Sophie

Our bodies are fascinating and interconnected tools and Kinesiology demonstrates this. The system is based on the strength or weakness within every muscle being connected to the health, or lack of health, within a specific corresponding organ and Chinese Acupuncture meridian. Working with the whole body, come and find out about your nutritional, emotional, physical and energetic health and how to improve it.

(6pm close)



9.30am –Tai Chi Taster (45 mins) – Janet

Try this ancient Chinese martial art practiced for both defence training and health benefits. A calming and enlightening way to start your Sunday.

11.00am – The Bear’s Den (1 hour) – Florence

12.45pm – Kinesiology Demonstration (75 mins) – Joanne / Sophie

If you missed yesterday’s demonstration, here’s another chance to understand this fascinating therapy.

2.15pm – Reiki Share (75 mins) – Lucy

Another chance to tap into the universal energy that we can all access to create an overall feeling of wellbeing.

3.30pm – Partner Yoga (45 mins) – Emma

Work with a partner to have fun, a bit of exercise and look like you’re an acrobat.

4.30pm – Yoga for Men – Rob

Men can often feel like the odd one out in a female dominated yoga class, recognising this, we are offering a yoga class that’s exclusively for men. We want to take this opportunity to encourage those that join us to prioritise their wellbeing and get more men onto the mat. 


(5.30pm close)