Tom Denbigh

Tom Denbigh

We’re delighted that last year’s Valley Festival 2018 Slam Champion Tom Denbigh will be co-hosting our “How to write a love letter” poetry workshop on Sunday, as well as performing his own poems.

Tom’s poetry is a sublime mix of earnest sentiment and thrilling storytelling. From personifying clickbait adverts to modern mythology and queer identity, he delights in stretching new and existing narratives into distorted stories that make his audiences laugh, pause, and wonder. Tom has won several slams and performs regularly in Bristol and around the UK.

“Charming, funny and humane” Stef Mo Author and poet

“an extremely talented and unique writer, always finding creative ways to express challenging subjects in a witty, articulate manner” Raise the Bar

“His wickedly beautiful writing twists our expectations of fairy tales, familiar figures and love into living, breathing, evolving poetry.” Malaika Kegode, Poet

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