Beth Calverley

Beth Calverley

Beth Calverley is a poet, facilitator and host who has been writing and performing for the past 17 years.

Her poetry explores human relationships, mental health, and the natural world.


Through striking imagery, Beth celebrates the joy of overcoming and the resilience drawn from reconnecting with people and places. She was proud to be the first Gloucester Regional Roundhouse Slam winner and a Roundhouse 2018 finalist.

Beth helps community groups to put their stories into words through workshops and collaborative storytelling, and has recently worked with Teenage Cancer Trust and Arnos Vale Cemetery. She’s currently collaborating with This Mum Runs on the #RunnerFullStop video campaign to help more women feel confident exercising, which was presented at Cannes Lion 2018.

As “The Poetry Machine”, Beth creates bespoke live poetry on her typewriter at festivals and events across the country, such as Blah’s Big Weekend – The Harry & Chris Show, Raise The Bar, and Valley Festival. Look out for her on Friday afternoon, creating free poems in The Gathering Place tent.

Beth is outreach lead for Milk Poetry, a nurturing platform for established and emerging poets in Bristol. She loves producing festival poetry stages on behalf of Milk Poetry, curating activities for the whole family.

“Beth has the innate ability to capture a feeling and make you feel safe within it. If poetry could hold your hand, this is what it would feel like.” (Malaika Kegode)

“With her dazzling use of language and her hypnotic, charismatic stage presence, Beth Calverley is a startlingly original and authentic voice in Bristol spoken word.” (Melanie Branton)

“Beth was born to write poetry. Her unique writing style and mesmerizing performance draws on cutting-edge language in a wholly original way, with an expert grasp of complex multisyllabic rhyme structures. This is exemplified through her Poetry Machine project, where she is able to consistently produce publishable quality improvised poems within five minutes.” (Raise The Bar)


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