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Presented by ‘Onfire & Rescue’

The Yard will once again be host to a land of lakeside larks. During the day enter a secret world of merriment and join in with everything from the Superhero Academy to Ball Pit Karaoke. If you’re feeling competitive then why not try your hand at the Valley Fest Ashes or the reprise of 2017’s smash hit hobbyhorse gymkhana Fabminton 2018. Ping Pong, circus skills and aquafit (that’s right, aquafit!) will also be available for all who wish to join in the fun. Taking inspiration from the “legend of the Lake” activities will bring the legend right into the heart of the yard and the magical play space contained therein.

Super Hero Academy – Make yourself a legend

Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm

For kids who always knew there was a superhero inside them waiting to emerge, it’s time to discover your true magical identity! Come and sign up for superhero development, to work on your superhero name, costume and power moves. Then the adventures begin and your super hero will be put to the test. Super Hero Academy includes a celebration party and medal ceremony. All heroes get their photo taken on the podium and are entered into the ever-growing Book Of Legends! All materials and tools to make costumes are supplied by Super Hero Academy, so bring power up your imagination, and let the super hero revelation begin.

Kids’ DJ workshops

Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm

While the Super Hero Academy is going on, kids can get somer expert tuition from professional DJs on board the fire engine. Places are limited so please sign up at the Yard on Friday or Saturday. It is completely fine to do both the Superhero Academy and the DJ workshop and dive between the two!

Siren’s Ball Pit Karaoke

Friday 7-9pm and Saturday 6-8pm

Did the seeds from Denny island float across the waters transforming the denizens of the yard into mythical mer-folk blessed with the sweetest, sultriest voices ever to serenade Somerset? Who can say? What we are sure of it that as the sun sets on the yard a magical mini lake (a ball pit) will appear, and from its ‘depths’ singers, fishlike from the waist down  croon there way through a catalogue of karaoke’s greatest hits.


Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm

The return of the now legendary Valley Fest hobby horse gymkhana. Following on from the runaway success of the original FABMINTON, this year’s Valley Fest hobby horse cup is bigger and better than ever. As well as the ‘fastest time’ competition, there will also be the Hobby High jump and the Dressage/ Dance off.

Valley Fest Ashes

Sunday 4-6pm

Suitable for kids age 3-14, it’s an opportunity to get involved in the funniest game of cricket you’ve ever played. With commentary from Onfire and Rescued’s very own Special Test Match crew in the commentary box, namely the roof booth on Hurtle the fire truck!

Morning Aqua-fit sessions

Saturday and Sunday 11am

The Yard Aqua- fit will introduce the Valley fest early risers to the very same exercise routine enjoyed by the mythical lake dwellers, only now adapted for dry land. The perfect way to start the day and shake off the night before.

Circus skills

Friday 5pm-7pm / Saturday 4-6pm

Run by a circus professional, come and play and practice hula hooping and other circus skills. All accompanied by all star DJs on the fire engine decks! Enjoy the dazzling tunes from  DJ Neil Diamond on Friday and DJ Rocka Lula on Saturday.

Ping Pong

And if that isn’t enough we’ve also got a ping pong table!

There will also be entertainment in the evening from DJ Nick Terrific, DJ Tommy Popcorn, Audiomission, DJ Jean Jaques Groovecake and Rockit Science.