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Bath & Bristol Festival

Off a little road in Chew Magna, just south of Bristol, up a dirt track lies Luke’s farm, the gate is open for you (you’ll hear Luke shouting ‘get on my land!’), walk across the lush green fields and be greeted with a stunning view of the lake and the valley surrounding it. Now take in the other sights and sounds around you; trombones and trumpets, violins and guitars, drums of all shapes and sizes, glorious voices lifted in song, the stomping feet of everyone dancing, sumptuous smells of freshly cooked organic local food, cookery classes with top chefs, the chatter of everyone enjoying food together with our Midnight Feast and Sunday Picnic, shouts of laughter and surprise at various happenings round every corner, screams of delight of children running free and getting to know the farm animals close up, glitter seemingly falling from the sky, the roar and warmth of the firepits and the hum of happiness all around – welcome to Valley Fest!

The story of Valley Fest

Valley Fest began in 2014. It was created by Luke Hasell to honour the memory of his parents, who both passed away while in their early fifties. Luke decided to put on an event that would encompass their zest for life and their passion for good food. He wanted it to be a true celebration, to be shared with loved ones.

Luke, who was BBC Food & Farming’s Outstanding Farmer of the Year nominee in 2014, wants people to better understand where their food comes from, and help reconnect them with the land it’s grown on.That’s why he works so closely with The Community Farm, which is where Valley Fest is held.

The Farm is a community-owned social enterprise, growing and selling organic food through a box delivery service. More than 500 local people share ownership of The Farm – and this special venue throws open its arms to thousands more, when Valley Fest rocks up for a big old knees up!

This local community ethos is really important to us as we work closely with local producers to bring you the very best food and drink.

Organic food

Organic food has always been an important element of our festival, but this year we are asking all food stalls to be organic. And it’s really important to us that you get the most out of this without it having an impact on your wallet, so we’re offering traders discounted rates so they can guarantee to keep their prices low for you.

And sharing that food together is also important to us, which is why we offer the Midnight Feast on Saturday night and the Sunday Picnic – simply order your box packed with delectable treats and sit down to enjoy it with those around you. Then get back to some more dancing!

So what are you waiting for – get on our land!