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Friends and family gather round. Valley Fest is so special that people often wonder what we put into it.
  • Generous helpings of nonsense
  • Lashings of lazy lakeside lushness
  • A cup of spirit and sparkle
  • Marinated with melodies
  • Add fresh beats and some choice meat
  • A sprinkling of sumptuous vocals
  • Stir in some thought-provoking talks and debates
  • And a dollop of fat-back fun for everyone
  • Slow cooked all year round
Prepare yourselves for hedge-to-hedge Somerset style and sizzle. For this weekend is about making the world more delicious and celebrating life. Luke Hasell set up the event in 2014, in honour of his parents who both died within a short time of each other. You’ll note that their spirit and joie de vivre runs deeply through the festival.